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Coffee Majer Venice - Roasting

Our production of coffee directly served to the consumer

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In our roasting coffe shop in Venice Ghetto we produce the famous Majer coffee. 
A coffee made with passion and experience gained over the years in our stores.
We purchase the best blends of raw coffee in the world imported directly from Central America, dall'South America and Africa. Pure Arabica 100%, or Arabica and Robusta wisely mixed, between different single origins, to offer mixtures that meet the tastes of millions of people who attend each year our coffee shops in Venice, obtaining a coffee truly unmistakable and unique.
The coffee produced at Majer’s is a coffee with high quality craftsmanship, available in various pack sizes and weights and now affordable even on the internet.


The range of our coffee is divided into four mixtures and then four distinct flavours.
The different aromas give the possibility to choose the type of coffee for each different moment of the day. 

  • "Deciso" This is how we have created "Deciso", specifically recommended to start your day, a strong blend with a strong taste and a rich aroma, full body with predominant notes of cereals.
  • "Cremoso", especially meant for breaks at work is a strong coffee flavour, creamy, with delicate nuances of cocoa and a perceptible fruity note.
  • "Arabico", Recommended as a good digestive for lunches and dinners, there is the flavour we call "Arabico", a blend of pure Arabica coffee 100%, characterized by an intense aroma with sweet and biscuit nuances, and a hint of acidity.
  • "Deca" The so called "Deca" is our fourth blend - it is appreciated also in the evening, as an after-dinner to stimulate digestion, and for those who do not like caffeine is the right compromise for a quiet night. 


Here are the various types of Majer coffee, available in our online store: 


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