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    The specialties our artisanal products ...

  • Venetian goods specialties

    Venetian goods specialties

    focacce, so good, so craft ...

  • Hand-crafted Panettoni

    Hand-crafted Panettoni

    fragrant, soft, light, tasty ...

  • Colombe in handcrafted packs

    Colombe in handcrafted packs

    products of high confectionery



When you say desserts you can’t help thinking of FESTIVALS and at certain times of the year ... we like to celebrate with you.
At Christmas and Easter, or for typical Venetian festivities such as St. Martin, Carnival, etc. ... We make traditional sweets. 

So you can find in our stores or at our online store:

  • Venetian focacce
  • Hand-crafted Panettoni with or without candied fruits
  • Pandoro classics
  • Baked Galani (or Crostoli)
  • Pancakes filled with pastry cream, eggnog, cottage cheese, or the typical Venetian pancakes with pine nuts and raisins
  • San Martino (typical cake shaped like a "knight on horseback"), available through our website as well
  • Venetian Pastries and cookies
  • Other confectionary

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