• Pastry Majer

    Pastry Majer

    From the dome to pancakes and crostoli in season all our specialties.

  • Old recipes

    Old recipes

    Biscuits, cakes and pancakes Venetian, many of our specialties

  • Good, healthy

    Good, healthy

    varied quality products

  • Artisanal products

    Artisanal products

    use of certified raw materials and high quality

  • Passion and love

    Passion and love

    do their work because you love it

  • The pastry specialties

    The pastry specialties

    when a cake is genuine

  • Our creams

    Our creams

    velvety to every palate

  • Cakes


    goodness and freshness to customize ...

  • Pastries


    from selected raw materials ...



Fresh pastry, a constant daily production, including recipes of ancient Venetian tradition and raw materials of high quality, built with imagination and originality craft. Venice breakfast, a real Venetian breakfast in Venice, with coffee, croissants and a wide choice of sweet and savory. Wide selection of fresh pastries, mignon, biscuits and sandwiches, savory pastries, pies, etc.              

Our specialties: 

  • Assorted pastries, fresh, dried and mignon
  • Chocolates and biscuits
  • Tarts
  • Creams and puff pastries
  • Pancakes and crostoli in season
  • Various Mousse
  • Traditional cakes finely decorated
  • Seasonal Panettone and Pandoro
  • Buns and soft brioscheria
  • Custom Cakes and special desserts
  • Fresh pastries, a constant daily production

What is it that makes Majer sweets so good? ... First of all a rigour in the application of doses of ancient recipes of pastry ... but above all the use of raw materials and high quality in their processing ... and the passion to do things with love.