• Our bread

    Our bread

    The oven, the heart of our production.

  • As it did once

    As it did once

    bread, as it was once, with the techniques of sourdough.

  • A good bread and light

    A good bread and light

    the bread should do well.

Baked Goods


The oven - heart of our production.
Our passion for local traditions, looks back at a long and patient experience through which we keep alive the old way of making bread, as it was once, with the same techniques for the dough and the same love in giving a shape to the various types of bread.

In order to give you a light and digestible bread, the flour used in the dough, before being cooked, undergoes a slow process of fermentation-leavening that lasts more than 24-36 hours, thus ensuring fragrance and digestibility to bread and baked goods in general.

We use only natural raw materials at low refining, high-quality products with organic flour still processed with the stone ground system.

Our bread thinks about your health and you will enjoy its various different kinds:

  • Power korndark, intense flavour of roasted malts, wealth sunflower, linseed, soya and lupine along with seeds of amaranth and quinoa bread make this a product rich in proteins and minerals useful in daily nutrition.
  • Krunchy Corn - Corn blown, durum wheat, sunflower seeds and the decoration of extruded corn, intense yellow colour are the basis for the excellent breads and imaginative salty snacks.
  • Baguette - Bread elongated in vein, typical dough French bread fragrant and crisp.
  • Pagnotte al grano duro - Bread shown in photos.
  • Francesino - Typical mixture of French bread fragrant and crisp.
  • Mamma Mia - Black sandwich, mix with rye flour rich in fiber.
  • Kaiser - Bread of Bavarian origin suitable for sandwiches.
  • Croissant salato - Delicious sandwiches inspired by the famous French dough.
  • Pane arabo - The simplest directly from the Turkish tradition.
  • Genovese - The famous focaccia that is normally filled with high-quality products.

We believe that one of the secrets of healthy eating is to vary your diet so we have chosen different flours each providing several benefits: helping digestion (increase of general well-being); * Protection from cancer (especially the one affecting the intestine); * Reduction of obesity (for the reduced sugar content); * Richness in folic acid (reduces daily fatigue); * Vitamin D (strengthens the immune system); Source of protein; * Antioxidants; (For a better cell replacement); * Iron (increased red blood cells); * Probiotics and Prebiotics (improves the intestinal flora); * Calcium and Magnesium (benefits for the circulation of the blood, bone, and muscle, preventing serious diseases).

Now it is clear why "our bread thinks of your health"!