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  • Giudecca

    Open: 7:00 - 22:00 every day

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Majer Giudecca

Giudecca - La Palanca Fondamenta Sant'Eufemia 461 - 30135 Venezia Isola della Giudecca - Tel. +39 041 5211162 / Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


On the island of Giudecca new concept Majer, a refined and innovative, where to buy the products of the brand Venetian, flanked by a restaurant with an open kitchen, serving meat on the grill and not only .
Forty seats in a modern and original, designed by Milanese architect Giuseppe Tortato.
The reasons to get into one of the shops in Venice Majer are many: buy excellent bread, sip a coffee, have a snack at any time of day, including pastries and salty or sip a glass of wine.
The common denominator is always the made in Italy and quality.

WAGYU meat, the most reputed Japanese beef. Discover the proposals of our chef! 100% real CERTIFIED WAGYU meat.

This is not just good meat but it is considered, by real meat lovers, to be the best meat in the world, the most tender and most expensive. Since July 2014, it has become possible to export the rare Wagyu meat to Europe and therefore it has become also possible to eat it at Majer Venice, a restaurant where the Mediterranean cuisine meets the Japanese one, this being perfectly in line with our philosophy: quality, freshness and simplicity. This meat is produced strictly in Japan and obatained from Japanese cattle of the ‘black coat’ breed, animals characterised by a shiny black coat, carefully selected and grown in an environment where stress does not exist, fed only with rice, hay and grain. These animals are well taken care of, properly fed and they are all provided with their own pedigree. This breed is developed in an isolated environment without being put in contact with cattle of other breeds. It is obvious therefore that the meat which is obtained by this breeding process is of the highest level. Even slaughtering techniques follow precise standards from which it is FORBIDDEN to deviate (with slaughtering performed only after 31 months). In order for you to understand what we mean, using a metaphor out of the gastronomic context, we are practically talking about a Ferrari or a Rolex among steaks. It is a product of the highest level and as such it should be savoured knowing that we are approaching a unique experience. The meat is prepared without the addition of fats and oils. It is cooked in our oven using a special ember that allows us to reach a temperature of 400 ° C, giving us the possibility to serve the Wagyu meat to maintain both a proper cooking and the healthy fat that otherwise would melt. Let us remember that fat is not fattening in itself, especially if it is rich in Omega 3 and 6 - it helps to reduce cholesterol levels and to prevent arteriosclerosis. So to eat our meat is healthy because it is tender, tasty and gifted with an unmatched avour. Is it worth to taste it? Yes, it's a whim that we will have satisfy! Majer the chef wishes you good appetite GRILLED on Josper oven RICH in OMEGA 3 and OMEGA 6 (the healthy fats), in taste and in softness. The most popular meat in the world, WAGYU is the princess among steaks!

MAJER, in a few years is a reality of Venice with 8 stores and showrooms.
All the products that you buy in store Majer, born from their craftsmanship, inside ovens, laboratories and kitchens dotted throughout the city.
The raw materials are chosen carefully, using only food excellence guaranteed and controlled.
buns, cakes, biscuits, pastries, ice cream, baked goods, bread, bread sticks, salty, wine and coffee.
Even the coffee is produced in Majer city, our roasting in the old Ghetto in Cannaregio.
The wine brand Majer, is produced for us by some selected historic cellars and Italian.

The new restaurant is open every day (including Sundays and public holidays), from breakfast time to late at night, here you can taste our specialties; Operating hours: from 7:00 to 22:00.
We are waiting in the "heart" of Giudecca Island, between original atmospheres and evocative angles of Venice, with gratifying emotions will amalgamate the flavors of the new dishes of grilled meat and more ...

Map Giudecca store ...

Where we are

See the map below for how to get the new store Majer on the Giudecca.

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These lines of boats to be taken: (under the Google map Additional information)

LINEA 2 (da Ferrovia/Piazzale ROMA verso Piazza San Marco): FERROVIA (Scalzi) - P.ROMA (S.Chiara) - TRONCHETTO (Mercato) - TRONCHETTO - SACCA FISOLA - S.BASILIO - ZATTERE - PALANCA (Majer Giudecca) - REDENTORE - ZITELLE - S.GIORGIO - S.MARCO-S.ZACCARIA (M.V.E.).

LINEA 4.1 (da Ferrovia/Piazzale ROMA verso Piazza San Marco): FERROVIA (S.Lucia) - P.ROMA (Parisi) - S.MARTA - SACCA FISOLA - PALANCA (Majer Giudecca) - REDENTORE - ZITELLE - S.MARCO-ZACCARIA (Jolanda).

LINEA 2 (da Piazza San MARCO verso Piazzale Roma/Ferrovia): S.MARCO-S.ZACCARIA (M.V.E.) - S.GIORGIO - ZITELLE - REDENTORE - PALANCA (Majer Giudecca) - ZATTERE - S.BASILIO - SACCA FISOLA - TRONCHETTO - TRONCHETTO (Mercato) - P.ROMA (S.Chiara) - FERROVIA (Scalzi).

LINEA 4.2 (da Piazza San MARCO verso Piazzale Roma/Ferrovia): S.MARCO-ZACCARIA (Jolanda) - ZITELLE - REDENTORE - PALANCA (Majer Giudecca) - SACCA FISOLA - S.MARTA - P.ROMA (Scomenzera) - FERROVIA (Bar Roma).

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