• The fidelity that rewards you

    The fidelity that rewards you

    with many hearts for you.

  • Love Card Majer

    Love Card Majer

    a fidelity card indispensable.

Love Card Fidelity Majer

Such a sweetheart this card ...

We keep you always in our heart…

Majer has decided to reward its more "faithful" customers, with a fidelity card that rewards every possessor, allowing him/her to accumulate points and to get special vouchers for free. Each euro spent in one of our Majer stores gives one little heart that will be counted on each fidelity card. The software in each Majer store you cash, will at all times update the situation of your card. The customer therefore can feel comfortably safe because our technology will store from time to time (after any purchases) the number of "hearts" (fidelity points) acquired and will quantify the amount at any time on customer’s request.

*REGULATION fidelity card (open and download the PDF) 

  • COMFORTABLE: when pre-loaded replaces cash and becomes a fast payment. 
  • CONVENIENT: you can accumulate points with every purchase and receive vouchers for free! 
  • SAFE: let your family use it and you'll be sure of what they eat. 
  • GIFT IDEA: think of a friend or a loved one and buy your original gift!


Fill in the form you find in our stores or on our website, hand it in at one of our stores and you will immediately receive your LOVE Card!

*If you already have the LOVE CARD Majer, well! now you can recharge online from our shop when you want. 
With comfort you can do it now by internet (click here for recharging). 

If you want to send an information request for this service click here