• Ice cream in Venice

    Ice cream in Venice

    all the passion of the great ice-cream makers ...

  • Artisanal product

    Artisanal product

    all the passion of the great ice-cream makers ...

  • Majer ice cream

    Majer ice cream

  • Ice cream all year

    Ice cream all year

Majer Venice Ice Cream Shop


Our ice cream is good but especially genuine: 

We buy the best raw materials, from pasteurized fresh Italian high quality milk, to pistachios from Bronte DOP (considered to be the best pistachios in the world), and so on for all the other ingredients.
We do not save money on what makes our ice cream so good, so we choose the most genuine ingredients to offer a healthy product, controlled at every stage of processing, particularly in its preservation.
Our ice cream is a great ice cream ... "trust us" and go for it!

In our stores, fresh ice cream all year around

The advantage of having the production ongoing in our own labs allows us to offer a homemade ice cream which is always fresh, made daily in our premises. In a lowered number of tastes, we produce ice cream even in winter, because it never fails the ‘connoisseur’ who wants to enjoy it in every season.