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Artisan desserts made by Majer in Venice. A unique taste with handmade natiral ingredients. Majer Made in Venice!
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Focaccia Veneziana Majer - 750g

Focaccia Veneziana Majer - 750g

€ 25,00

The Focaccia Veneziana MAJER The "fugassa" is one of the sweets originally from Veneto, which boasts very ancient origins. The first documents that speak of this dessert date back to the 15th century: during the preparation of the dough, a little of the dough was removed before adding dried and candied fruit and thus the Venetian style was obtained. Tradition says that the Venetian focaccia was conceived by a Treviso baker who on the occasion of Easter added other ingredients to the bread dough, such as eggs, butter and sugar, all in moderate quantities given the costs, thus obtaining a soft and sweet bread. to give to its customers. Also called "fugassin" originally this was the dessert of the poor but with the passage of time many pastry chefs welcomed it into their kitchens. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Ingredients: Queen flour (00 soft wheat, 0 soft wheat mother yeast powder, sugar, skimmed milk powder, salt, flavoring enzymes, flour treatment agent: ascorbic acid), 0 soft wheat flour, sugar, butter, yolk, honey, anhydrous butter, orange peel, water, almonds, sugar grains. Icing: (sugar, egg white, light almonds, Armellini hazelnuts, corn flour, type 0 flour), icing sugar, granulated sugar Weight 750gr. The product maintains its characteristics for 45 days, if stored in the original packaging and in a cool and dry environment. The ingredients in bold comply with the provisions of EC Regulation 1169/2011. Produced and packaged by Spigola S.r.l. - Santa Croce 287/A, 30135 Venezia.  

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