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Majer is very attentive to the needs of its customers and often proposes, in addition to its established services, special events full of taste with unique and pleasant experiential proposals ...

The Cake for You

Cakes for birthday parties, for graduation parties, for christenings or confirmations, cakes for weddings, or for other occasions ... the important thing is to order a cake that is right for you, personalized, with dedication or whatever, even like you. Our pastry chefs make beautiful and delicious cakes to perfection, with perfectly balanced tastes and the possibility of some customizations.


MAJER can guarantee a complete Catering service to give "taste" to your events in Venice. The Menus are customizable and in the same way the service with adequate staff and equipment!

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"Enjoy Venice, we'll take care of your lunch"!

Here is the exclusive service for Venice and the islands, proposed by Majer. iLunchBox is a "travel basket", specially prepared for you. You can customize it as you like by browsing the menu (see the list) and pick it up easily in one of the 9 stores distributed for Venice, or demand home delivery (only for the city of Venice and the islands only), upon payment on our online store.

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Fidelity Card

Majer has thought of rewarding its most "loyal" customers with a loyalty card that rewards each owner, accumulating points and receiving free shopping vouchers. For every 50 cents spent at Majer points of sale, you will be given 1 little heart that will give you the chance to access generous gift vouchers! The cash management systems of each Majer store will have at all times the updated situation of all the cards. The customer can thus feel comfortable because the technology will take care of memorizing the number of loyalty points acquired and quantifying the amount at any time the customer wishes.

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