MAJER VENEZIA is working to guarantee the service to customers, in compliace with the government decrees.
The following stores are open from 7am to 2pm: P.le Roma - San Giacomo - Santa Margherita - Giudecca.*** Than you for your trust.***

Piazzale Roma

P.le Roma - Sestriere Santa Croce 287/A - Venezia

Opening hours
Monday - Saturday from 07am to 02pm

MAJER historical shop: here the bakery and pastry shop was born in 1924, along the Pigan Sestriere Santa Croce. With the construction of the Ponte della Libert√† in 1933 and the consequent development of the Piazzale Roma area, the Sestiere di Santa Croce has become a crossroads for Venetian tourist and commercial flows. The nearby Ponte della Costituzione designed by the architect Calatrava, favored the pedestrian flow in the area.

The historic MAJER store has been and remains a reference point for citizens and wayfarers in the area, offering quality and service.

What you can taste here:
  • Fresh bread and bakery, grissini, organic bread, pizza
  • Fresh roasted Majer coffee, Majer coffee beans, ground Majer coffee
  • Breakfast with cappuccino, coffee, croissants, fresh pasta, orange juice
  • Fresh pastry , biscuits, typical Venetian sweets 
  • Tartine, sandwiches, sandwiches, Majer specialties
  • Cakes, Panettoni e Colombe *, Focaccia
  • Homemade beers