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Sbrisòlona with almonds - 750gr -9%

Sbrisòlona with almonds - 750gr

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Sbrisolona (also called sbrisulò.na, sbrisolì.na, sbrisulù.sa or sbrisulà.da) is a dessert from Northern Italy. The name derives from the noun brì.sa, which in Mantua means crumb, given to it because of its friability. It is a cake made with yellow and white flour and sugar in equal parts, which is why in the past it was also called ".cake of the three cups"., with the addition of almonds, butter and egg yolks. The recipe dates back to before the seventeenth century, when it apparently also came to the Gonzaga court. Unmistakable characteristic of the cake is its friability which leads it to crumble with extreme ease (hence the name which in the Gallo-Italic languages ​​means ".sbriciolona". or ".sbriciolona".). In Veneto it is commonly called ".rosegotta"..

Ingredients: butter, sugar, egg yolks, soft wheat flour type 00, corn flour, almonds, baking powder, lemon peel.
Weight 750gr.

The product maintains its characteristics for 45 days, if stored in its original packaging and in a cool, dry environment.
The ingredients in bold respect the provisions of EC Regulation 1169/2011.
Produced and packaged by Spigola S.r.l. - Santa Croce 287 / A, 30135 Venice.

Pack: 750gr