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Fondamenta Sant'Eufemia 461 - La Palanca - Venezia

Andrea Crocco
Dumitru Doschinescu (Chef)
Opening hours
Monday - Sunday from 07am to 10pm

Restaurant is open for:
Dinner every day from 06:30pm to 09:30pm
Will be open on April 30th! - extraordinary closing on Thursday 02 May

A refined and innovative restaurant with an open kitchen, specialized in grilled dishes. Forty seats available between the inner hall and between the external terrace overlooking the Giudecca Canal from which to admire the San Marco Basin.

Among the quality products we have selected (La Chianina, La Fassona) we also offer the WAGYU MEAT (authentic and certified), a highly prized Japanese beef.In order to offer grilled cuisine in Venice we have chosen the JOSPER oven which allows you to cook meat, fish and vegetables while maintaining their original freshness without adding fats or oils.

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